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BOOK Aviation Pitcairn

Harold F. Pitcairn: Aviator, Inventor, and Developer of the Autogiro (Hardcover)

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In today's aviation parlance, Harold F. Pitcairn had ''The Right Stuff.'' He was, at once, a patriot, an aviation pioneer, a business man, a designer, an inventor, a dreamer, and a forecaster of the future. He was a giant of a man in the development and growth of heavier-than-air aviation in The United States. Not only was he responsible for the research, design, and manufacture of a number of different aircraft models, including the famous Mailwing series and his pioneering jump-takeoff Autogiros with fully articulated rotor heads--he was granted twenty-six US Government patents on rotary-wing aircraft but he accomplished all of this while heavily committed to developing and implementing one of the longest air-mail routes in the country. (From the Introduction) Ronald K. Nelson Major General United States Marine Corps (Ret)

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